Benefits and Recipe of Lemon Tea with special ingredients

Benefits and Recipe of Lemon Tea with special ingredients

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It's summer , and it's the perfect time to ensure you stay healthy and hydrated. This might seem easy but the body is vulnerable to food poisoning, heatstroke diarrhea, heatstroke and food poisoning.

Despite your best efforts to stay inside and take good health care of your body, the sun's heat is a constant threat for your health.

Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and are the top citrus fruit. This is the time to have sunshine, fun driving with windows closed, and water fights on the roofs, but these activities can be draining in summer, however lemons are the lifeline.

They are rich in nutrients that keep our bodies well-hydrated and healthy all through the entire year. Mixing lemon juice and water can do wonders for your body, especially during hot weather. While on the go, having a glass of lemon water is all you require. Let's find out why this summer beverage ought to be enjoyed.

Strengthens Immune System

With the sudden rise in temperatures and the intense winds summer can be a stressful time on the body. Because it exhausts your energy, it also impacts your immune system and makes it less effective. Drinking a glass lemon water can boost your immunity and shield your body from any deficiency. Lemons are high in Click here natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can fight common infections such as viral fevers common colds, and colds.

Brighten Skin

The sun is shining on us, and the UV radiations aren't just raising the temperature. The skin may be damaged. In summer, you could be affected by uneven pigmentation, or premature aging. Lemon water can prevent skin problems from occurring. Since lemon water is hydrating and contains antioxidants that aid in detoxifying blood, it also helps the skin to be more radiant and healthy. Nimbu Vitamin C is found in lemons helps heal damaged cells. It also helps reduce wrinkles as well as other skin issues like blemishes.

Hydrates Body

Summers could make your body be dehydrated, causing fatigue and stress. A glass of lemon water will boost your hydration level and balance out your pH. Lemons have a 90% more water content and electrolytes than most other fruits, keeping your body hydrated even in the scorching hot sun.

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